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Car, truck, boat, or van, vehicle wraps can completely transform a vehicles looks into something that’s almost totally different and unrecognizable to what you dropped off to our shop. This unique way of applying signs & vehicle graphics can allow your car, truck, van, or boat to become a mascot that represents your business identity while coinciding styles with your company logo or theme. And if you don’t have a logo or style yet, Jamie Robison- the co-owner of Beach House Graphics and also our lead designer, will be happy to sit down with you and help come up with your new logo and style that we can apply to your rolling billboard. A constant reminder to all those people on the road that you are in business and ready to serve them. Or maybe you just want to highlight the original style and shape of your personal vehicle with some simple pin-striping or Bad Ass Flames from bumper to bumper! What ever message you want you vehicle to convey, Beach House Graphics is here for you!. Check our new ad out in the latest issue of FLUID Magazine!!

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Realtor Vehicle Advertising

The Realtor world is one of judgement and competition, and far to often the worry of judgement keeps you from being the best competitor.  Many real estate agents feel that turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard is tacky, and yet I drive past bus stops with giant heads on benches.  Last week our family took a drive to St Augustine, Florida and along the way we saw about 4 billboards with cursive writing saying “Who Is Julie”.  Now we are in the business of building artistic graphics to enhance a company’s inquiries, so therefore we had a natural interest on who would advertise this way.  After asking a local, who admitted those billboards always confused him, he asked around for us and found out she was a Realtor in the area.

To Julie and all other real estate agency that could use a few extra leads I ask “Why not a wrap?”  Vehicle graphics are proven to be one of the highest reward on investment marketing tools, and yet so many turn their nose up.  Here is what one Realtor had to say when asked about wraps:

“Both my son and I have had wrapped cars for three years. Many agents look down their noses at us, but our agency (we own it) has had the fastest growth of any real estate office in our county. We are recognized where ever we go and the cars consistently reinforce our real estate presence. It is the best investment in promotion and advertising we have made to date. Oh, and our team ranks in the top 1% of production for our MLS.”  – Lyle Wolf

Whether you are looking at putting a headshot on your car, use a beautiful picture, or going with more of an artistic look vehicle wraps can and will drive your business to the next level!

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Beach House Graphics can offer you top notch graphics at a reasonable price. Let us prove it to you!!

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