Vehicle Wraps

5 comments on “Vehicle Wraps”

    1. Hi Bryan,

      Pricing is based off the cost of the kit and installation. If you looking for something similar to this:

      It runs $400 for the camo (not including tan stripes), however if your looking for something different it would be great to see a picture with a description.

      Thanks for your inquirer.


      Jamie Robison
      Beach House Graphics

  1. I have a Dodge caliber srt4 and I was wondering if you’d be able to do a wrap from the front bumper up the hood down the hatch and over the rear bumper in carbon fiber wrap, and I was wondering how much that would run me. Thanks

    1. Sorry it’s so late getting back to you a rough estimate would be $600. To get a more accurate quote we’d have to bring the car in and measure it up. Feel free to call us at 386.256.0998 (ask for Jamie or Krista)

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